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4 things to do with dill

add chopped fresh dill to almost any pickled veg, asparagus, beans, zucchini

add to creme fraiche and use as a dip for vegetables, a sauce for salmon and a great addition to cold asparagus soup

dill and smoked trout stuffed deviled eggs

make a dill and arugula pesto


it goes without saying that dill is a must for chicken noodle soup, if you don’t use dill you can be arrested and sent to bad food prison, or just forced to eat every meal at either Arby’s or Applebee’s.


a nice new gig

just wanted to mention to all my blog readers that I am now going to be blogging for Serious Eats,, a totally groovy blog site that has tons of interesting writings about everything food related. My goal is to be Portland Bureau Chief, which is what I have wanted to be since I was a newborn.


also, going to be doing short food videos….fun


all sorts of stuff happening now, good stuff, fun stuff and sadly fattening stuff


a new book

I have a little book cute book that is about to come out. Did it with husband Bruce and friend Pam. It is a counting book using candy. Publisher is Chronicle and it is called Candy 1-20.

4 things to do with fresh figs- now it the time

Fresh figs cut in half and topped with goat cheese. honey  aged balsamic and prosciutto


Brown sugar roasted figs with orange juice and yogurt sauce


Figs stuffed with walnuts and baked with maple syrup and cream


Fresh figs with Stilton cream, toasted pecans and rosemary port drizzle

amazing Amber

Amber Webster of 23 Hoyt in PDX made an amazing dinner at a fundraiser for Growing Gardens

Gena does confections

I met a lovely woman at an event last week. Take a look at her website above, she is amazing. When her desserts were plated everyone got out their cameras/ I phones/flip phones. Try her stuff out, the pale blue kanten ( a gelatin) was mint, and so light and refreshing on that hot hot day

23 Hoyt Go Amber Webster

Six of us dined there to celebrate Katie N. going to study in Italy for one year.  We will miss her. Good place for a celebration. The  flat breads

grilled with goat cheese, pickled currants arugula and sweet onions    9.
grilled with mozzarella, spicy coppa pickled red onions, and pea tendrils    9.
Florence Fennel
grilled with fennel salami, mozzarella and red onion    9.
grilled with cremini mushrooms, smoked goat cheese and caramelized onions    9.
Hot Link
grilled with andouille sausage, monterey jack cheese and green chiles    10.
Chef ’s Choice
grilled with navy bean puree, tart golden raisins, and spinach    10.

are thin and crispy and yummy.  I had a tender tasty pork chop and Judy had a garlicky very good ceasar salad with chicken, and the chicken was not an afterthought, it was delicious. John had a great, New York Strip, which was cooked to perfection. Katie and Trevor shared a burger, and it will go on the books best burger page.

Too full for dessert, but will go back soon to try the rosemary panna cotta and the doughnuts.