my mother’s cooking

when I was young, my parents would, on rare occasions, have people over for dinner. My mother cooked, even though she hated it. She served pretty much the same thing every time, and it was dreadful.  She served those foil wrapped tiny  cheese squares. She also took Ritz crackers , and topped each cracker with a circle of American cheese, a circle of baloney and on top a dollop of ketchup. This was then placed under the broiler till something happened, I can’t remember what.

The main course would be a flank steak in a teriyaki sauce with onions and canned mushrooms.  My mother kept the steak as far as it could be from the heat source. The steak cooked for about an hour, and it turned a fleshy grey color. It was absolutely vile.

I think she would have picked up a cake from our local bakery, called “Mothers”. I don’t think she ever baked anything.

She made whiskey sours in a blender with a can of lemonade, a can of whiskey and ice. They would all get pretty loaded and have some laughs.

She did make an amazing rib roast, on a Farberware Rotisserie, that was perfect every time. Studded with fresh garlic ( the only time she bought that) it was as good as any I have had.


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