even the fish was good

Tonight I had the pleasure of dining at Roost. Third time in the last two weeks. Menu is rarely the same, but close enough to satisfy the urge for the thing I had last time. Megan, the delightful and fabulously talented chef, really does know how to keep things simple but creative and the secret key to knowing how to let each ingredient get it’s correct amount of time in the spotlight of the palate.

Zucchini fries were perfect, served with a little jar with dill sauce. Janet had and enjoyed her burger, and Tracy, the owner of the Random Order on Alberta, serving, without a doubt, the best pies in Portland, ordered the pork chop, so tender and juicy sitting next to the buttermilk mashed potatoes.

Extraordinary desserts, love the tin can sundae. If you eat there you will find out why it is called that.


I almost never order fish. I don’t like it, I don’t find it satisfying, and essentially I only enjoy it if the fish taste is eliminated. and the fish smell.

I want to like it so I ordered it at Roast. If Megan was going to cook it, I had the best chances of liking it. Also, it was a piece of sole, which is  a mild fish with a fighting chance.

It was breaded with something awesome, crispy sauteed, and topped with capers and citrus and some shrimp. It was actually yummy. Herby mayo, I would order again. Megan, you rock


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