Brasserie Montmarte oh wow, awesome food

husband and I shot today at an old restaurant with a relatively new chef. chefs, actually. Onion soup was a reminder why this dish never gets old or boring. When done right, the deep, rich, beef flavor, the caramelized sweet onions and the melting Gruyere is such a perfect combo that I have to make it tomorrow.

The fries that we tried, one portion in duck fat and one with truffle oil and salt and a garlic confit aioli, perfection. Possibly the best fries ever. I generally like a thick fry, so embarrasing, still love Nathans, but these were extraordinary.

My main course was a duck confit on a bed of potatoes and onions with a poached egg and pure heaven.

Bruce had a pork belly crepe with arugula, dreamy sauce and lots of amazing crispy creamy tastes that I can’t forget. Won’t forget.


Roost, here we come. Double header, tonight and tomorrow. Fine with me.


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