tonights dinner at home

Starting the day off, at Cheese Bar, eating sandwiches, crazy crusty mac and cheese, lovely guys and gal. Later, drinking at rum bar and eating pickled eggs (recipe in book). Nap and then at 10:40 dinner.


totally rad bacon from Nick

olive oil

boneless skinless chicken thighs

crazy Farmers Market scallions,

garlic whips

salt and pecker


Cook bacon in skillet till just done, not crisp. Remove to a baking tray.  Add olive oil and cook salt and peppered chicken till browned on both sides. Add to baking sheet. Add a bit more oil and add garlic, scallion, garlic whips.  Put on baking pan and place in 325 oven. Cook pasta. When the pasta is done, take the baking tray out of oven and toss with the drained pasta in a large bowl.  A tasty thing to do is to pour some pasta cooking water into the chicken and… just a little, like 1/4 cup. It was good.



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One response to “tonights dinner at home

  • Timo Daly

    Hey Laurie, great talking with you the other day. Thanks for mentioning Cheese Bar in the Blog. I look forward to hearing more from you. I am almost done transcribing my recipes you requested, and will send them your way soon via e-mail.

    My email address is, if you need to reach me before then, or you can call me @ the shop (503) 222 * 6014 (Tu-Fr 11am-6pm).

    Nice meeting you,
    Timo Daly
    food dude
    Cheese Bar
    6031 SE Belmont St.
    PDX, OR

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