Great grilled cheese and more

My two favorite grilled cheese combos are havarti, gruyere and sharp cheddar and the mix of fontina and smoked gouda. They all melt well, and can be made more interesting with the addition of super good quality bacon, roasted peppers, caramelized onions, a pesto or tapenade. The tomato, if it is ripe and luscious, is a great addition for some. Personally, I hate tomatoes on any sandwich. I don’t like that it makes the sandwich wet. I love a B.L.B, (bacon, lettuce, bread). Of course, the bread is critical. The bread should be good quality, and let it get a little crusty. A grilled caprese is a wonderful thing.  Last week, I made a tasty sandwich with my leftover Pernil. Recipe in a past blog. Cut a whole baguette horizontally and spread with a Remoulade sauce. I layered the sandwich with Swiss cheese, Black Forest ham, the roasted pork and sliced pickles. Closed the sandwich and grilled on my friend’s  the Parkin’s griddle, which I kept pressed down with a heavy big saucepan.  It was a good sandwich, crusty on the outside and gooey on the inside. Lucy had three sections. Woot.


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