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Check out this Superbowl party tray–whoa!

I found the picture and am sharing with y’all. I don’t know who made this Super Bowl Snack. I wish I could make it. It looks so awesome :o)

How’s this for a Superbowl snack tray? Superbowl Tailgate Platter

peking duck

I love Peking duck. The crispy skin, the pancakes, the hoisin sauce, the scallion.  It was not easy to find in NY, harder still in PDX. The couple of trips to Vancouver BC yielded fine results. I think we ordered it three times on our last visit. The restaurant OM, 7632 SE Powell Blvd Portland, OR 97206, has very good duck. Rather than pancakes, they have a kind of puffy bread, like a bao dough. The skin is crisp, it is very reasonable. The food there is excellent, nothing has disappointed. Check it out

Roost best brunch in PDX, according to me and Gabriel Rucker

Roost Restaurant PDX, SE Belmont, Portland Oregon, a great place to eat
Menu, Brunch, Roost Restaurant PDX, SE Belmont, Portland Oregon, a great place to eat

Two Eggs, Roasted Potatoes, Bacon and Griddled Toast
Garlic Stewed Tomatoes with Sauteed Spinach, Poached Eggs and Griddled Toast
Banana Brown Bread Pancakes with Maple Syrup and Two Slices of Bacon
Braised Beef Bowl with Roasted Potatoes, Fried Eggs and Griddled Toast
Ham and Shallot Cream Tart with Fried Eggs and Watercress
Steak and Fried Eggs on Toast with Grilled Tomatoes, Scallion Butter and Watercress
Kentucky Hot Brown with Griddled Toast, Poached eggs, Mornay Sauce, Bacon and Tomato
Leek and Smoked Gouda Omelet with Spinach Salad and Served with Potatoes and Griddled Toast
Egg White Option



Sweet Polenta Bread
Bowl of Yogurt with Nut Granola, Flax, Bananas and Maple Syrup


Tonight I cooked a steak

My friend Judy gave me 2 grass fed New York cut steaks.  I read a bit and saw that they required a bit of marination, pounding, or both. I did both. Marinated in a fig balsamic vinegar, rubbed with coarse black pepper and salt. Rubbed with fresh garlic.


Cooked about 4 minutes per side in a very hot pan. Let rest for a minute or 2, I think I read that.


I found  the steaks  very tender and they had a much less beefy taste. I don’t know if that’s bad or good.  But milder, for sure.  When I marinate steaks generally the meat taste is much more pronounced. I am boring myself tonight. Try it, it is different.




thanks Judy

I wanted that job

The choice is so Portland. Not good or bad, never read any of his reviews. I would have had a shot if I was a funeral director or sneaker designer. I hope he does a good job. I would have.


Chris Onstad — best known to Portland readers as the creater of webcomic Achewood, author of an irreverent Achewood cookbook, and an amusing Twitterer— will take over the reviewing job in a few weeks.

Per the Mercury‘s official announcement/bio, Onstad’s writing has been published in Saveur, The New Yorker, and GQ, and readers familiar with his comics notice recurring food and drink themes (Onstad’s an avid cook). He also may or may not have a thing for testicles.




three of us made this book for kids. it was harder than it looks.

Laurie Wolf likes a link.

Readers will devour this delicious counting book—from lollipops to licorice strings, from 1 to 20!

Spam Musube Ate-o-Ate

The Musube roll/sandwich is a perfect way to experience the acquired taste of that mysterious food, Spam.  Although it is a side, I have come to love it as a simple, easy lunch. This simple combination of Spam, nori, rice, and a piece of thin omelet makes for an unusual, pretty fab seaweed enclosed sandwich. Chef Ben Bettinger, of yummy Beaker and Flask, has one every weekend. He claims that it is the perfect hangover food!  I am not suggesting that he has a hangover every weekend, but I do know that he is a very happy regular there. The restaurant made taro chips are fantastic and crunchy, and accompany many of the dishes. The pineapple cabbage slaw is a great side and before heading out don’t pass up the shaved ice. It is awesome.