Happy New Year

I have been remiss in not updating my blog. Had to finish my book, The Portland Chef’s Table, which will come out in the spring or early summer.

I am going to start posting photos of what I cook, eat, see, love, hate and on and on. Sorry for the hiatus.

Let me say that I am so so sad that Alder Pastry closed. The gelato was the best, pastries terrific. We will miss it.


New Years dinner at Roost was the bomb. Food choices were perfection, the duck was amazing. Crab was the best I have ever had. Megan is a wonderful chef and great friend.


Great brunch at Sunshine. Egg and pork belly sandwich was just what I was craving and made me very happy. Great fries with gravy and wonderful ricotta donuts with lemon curd inside.  Awesome.  We all loved it. Sad there was no Jenn or David there, I am guessing they were at Lincoln preparing for what was an amazing New Years Eve dinner.

I’m back.


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