Happy New Year M. Croquembouche

As I believe I mentioned previously, on New Year’s Eve, I dined with a group of 18  friends at Roost, on 14th and Belmont.  This is my favorite PDX restaurant. I love lots of places, but I have this thing for Roost. I  always want to order everything on the menu. There are fried things, buttery things, creamy things and salads that are often sublime. I don’t feel that way about salad very often.

Anyway, I decided that I was going to make and bring a croquembouche to the meal. I knew the chef, Megan Henzel,  was making an eggnog cake, but I wanted to spend my night with a croquembouche as well.

I made it that day. It had been years, maybe back when I was a chef in Manhattan, that I had even made cream puffs, or pate a choux.  It was fun to be out of my comfort zone. The cream puffs ended up being too big. But,  I filled them with delicious custard I made and built this mini tower of the over sized pastries. I built the tower and held it all together with caramelized sugar, that encircled the cake with threads of the golden syrup. It didn’t look even close to what I wanted, but I loved it. It tasted great, and although it was quite primitive looking it was still my very first croquembouche. I will do it again, and keep you posted.


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