Random Order , consistently delicious.

My absolute favorite place for pie is on my favorite PDX street.  A street full of everything that is so wonderfully Portland.   My friend Janet, who works at Tin House,  told me about it.  “As good as her grandma’s” she said.  She had one of “those” grandmas. I assumed they were only in books. I had the TV dinner or the I wish it was a TV dinner grandparents.  Certainly no baking, there was no cooking. Just heating. My father’s mother was so dreadful I am surprised we didn’t have to eat the pre packed dinners frozen.

The pies are very very good. The cream pies; coconut, banana, chocolate=  rich and creamy and Awesome

But, the fruit pies are what steal the show. Apple with coarse salt, vanilla and caramel, rhubarb with orange zest,  ridiculously good brandied peach and the Oregon cherry that could bring tears to my eyes.

They make a great savory hand pie with herbed cream cheese, and the cocktail selection is damn fine. Sangria, Irish coffee, and cool drinks with lots of different store made infusions.

It’s also a great place to hang out. Just sit there, eat and drink and think about what a frickin groovy town this is.   And Tracy rocks.


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