St Honorè is da bomb.


I had a great lunch today from St. Honore. Normally I don’t like to get a sandwich to go. It ruins the bread and you lose the crunch. Not the case with the wonderful Pan Bagnat.  A favorite in southern France, Pan Bagnat (pan ban-YAH) means “bathed bread.” The bread in this sandwich is meant to absorb some liquid from the filling, so it’s fine to assemble it entirely ahead of time.  Hence the perfect to go lunch.

Pan Bagnat with chicken

The bread absorbs the vinaigrette and is both crunchy and soft, which is sandwich Nirvana. Most commonly made with tuna, this sandwich is oven braised chicken with tomatoes and red bell peppers, Espelette piments (Basque chili pepper) and bell pepper slaw with cucumbers and vinaigrette dressing. So very tasty.

St. Honorè is located at NW Thurman and 23 Place. There’s another one in Lake Oswego, food is just as good, but the vibe is as un-Portland as you can get.  Don’t get me wrong, it is crowded and people love it, but very very different people. It’s all good.



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