Spam Musube Ate-o-Ate

The Musube roll/sandwich is a perfect way to experience the acquired taste of that mysterious food, Spam.  Although it is a side, I have come to love it as a simple, easy lunch. This simple combination of Spam, nori, rice, and a piece of thin omelet makes for an unusual, pretty fab seaweed enclosed sandwich. Chef Ben Bettinger, of yummy Beaker and Flask, has one every weekend. He claims that it is the perfect hangover food!  I am not suggesting that he has a hangover every weekend, but I do know that he is a very happy regular there. The restaurant made taro chips are fantastic and crunchy, and accompany many of the dishes. The pineapple cabbage slaw is a great side and before heading out don’t pass up the shaved ice. It is awesome.


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