Monthly Archives: February 2012

Pavlova for a friend

I made my first pavlova, a meringue dessert that is baked, with a depression in the center, and filled with, usually whipped cream and fruit, but I whipped Greek yogurt with stevia and vanilla. I piled the cream in the center, when the meringue was cool, and topped with blueberries. Crunchy on the outside, marshmallowy in the center.  Very tasty. I also made c chocolate pudding that is in this month’s online issue of Diane magazine. I have been writing recipes for them, and running through February are 4 chocolate recipes, low-cal and good. The pudding is rich and creamy.





  No, not about food. Olivia will be home from Japan on this Saturday- we can’t wait to see her and hold her in our arms

razor clams

Before moving to Portland I had never tried razor clams. My first experience with them was at Clark Lewis, and it blew me away. I have since had them at a couple of other spots and although not as good as the first time, still a very yummy interesting texture and taste. I have been meaning to make them at home, and when I do I will post the recipe and photo. Lincoln tomorrow, which will be very good, and Roost with Olivia when she returns to our planet.