we’re back

after a month of editing “The Portland, Oregon Chef’s Table”, we are back in the blogging business. Now I can blog about the book, out on July 17th, and all sorts of wonderful things that have been happening to my friends and colleagues, things I have been cooking, dining experiences and recipes.


Jenn Louis shout out. Food and Wine best new chef of 2012. Well deserved and so appreciated. She is stoked, and she deserves it cuz her food is awesome and she works her butt off.


Ben Bettinger going to work with Vitaly Paley on his 2 new places, more info to come, but it is all about northwest foods of yesteryear. Interesting for sure.


Been writing recipes for Parent’s Magazine and Diane Magazine and for a couple of new books on the horizon.


Luce is terrific. Small but perfect menu, reasonable prices and a casual welcoming vibe.


Tonight made a very tasty meat sauce

sauteed onions and garlic. add pork sausage and beef and browned. canned tomatoes and a can of paste. some oregano, some basil cooked for hours and added some half and half. stayed chunky and at the end added a dash of vodka and balsamic vinegar. on rigatoni, so good


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