Chicken and Pork Chops Parmesan

These are two of my favorite things. Chicken Parmesan is easier to find than pork chops Parm, but I find that most renditions are somewhat disappointing. Recently our friend Neal made a dinner and served very very good chicken Parm, just the way I like it. The cutlet should be pounded thin, dipped in egg and then in bread crumbs. Fry in olive oil till crispy and golden brown. Make your own tomato sauce, or use your favorite jarred sauce on the market, my favorite being Rao’s Homemade Tomato Basil Marinara Sauce, though I don’t love it.


Place the cutlets in a baking pan, top with good mozzarella, and sauce. Bake till cheese is melted.


Do the same with pork chops. Again, thin and crisp is the way to go.  Pork chops Parm is so good. I have only seen it on one menu in my whole  life. It was at Stella Doro’s in the Bronx.  Thealso had amazing lobster Fra Diavalo.


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