Iced tea

I was addicted to Diet Coke for years. Very bad. It was often my first drink in the morning. I would say that I drank at least a dozen cans a day. I loved it. It was, for me, the most thirst quenching and satisfying drink. And from the can was how I wanted it. Over ice, cold and so bubbly it hurt going down.

It wasn’t easy but I kicked the habit when I moved to Portland. I had read too many awful things about how it was poison, and would corrode a penny, (not that I needed my pennies) and all that other stuff that finally gave me pause.


So, I switched to drinking iced tea. I either use sugar or stevia, and I love it as much as I loved my DC, except for when I have good Chinese food, then I miss it.

I love all kinds of iced tea and put different fruits and herbs in. Sliced lemon or lime, mint, even rosemary recently in a smoky blend.



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