now that peaches are here I thought I would suggest some things to do with them other than just grabbing a dishcloth to grab the juices and eat. I would have said napkins but they are environmentally incorrect.

split, pit, and bake with brown sugar

make an old fashioned peach melba- vanilla ice cream, peach, raspberry sauce

slice and place on a pie crust. top with butter, a driz of honey and some cinnamon. bake

toss with feta and arugula and a vinaigrette

place in a blender with yogurt and blueberries

quick peach jam- just simmer slices in orange juice with some sugar. thicken with a bit of cornstarch mixed with a little of the juice, add to pot to thicken. fridge

also, to peel peaches just score the skin and place in boiling water for a minute. peel. so easy


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