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Salt and Straw

This place has me confused. Not sure if the hype is what keeps people lined up at both locations.  The ice cream is good, and the flavors are mostly too strange to appeal to me, but I keep going and enjoying my just made waffle cone with a scoop of gooey brownie and a scoop of something with brittle or caramel.  Daughter Olivia had the pear with blue cheese ice cream today.  And liked it.

I heard that the red velvet was quite tasty, and I like the banana ice cream with walnuts and something else I can’t remember. And a good one with bourbon.



I love the food in Portland. It is easy to get a great meal for 15-20 dollars.  Less. Chefs are inventive and generally not fussy or contrived.  I eat out often and have delicious food all over town.  But Roost is, to me, the perfect restaurant. It is clean and uncluttered. The staff are wonderfully warm and friendly. Smart choices in beer, wine and hard liquor. Flowing ice tea.

The food is phenomenal. Every course, every dish. Fried zucchini, cod cakes, olive bread with house made ricotta. Chicken is as good as chicken gets.  Every entree, including the vegetarian option, is stellar.  Desserts are in the comfort food category, and should not be missed. Prices are reasonable and portions are generous.

Tell them Laurie sent you

Brunch kicks ass

23 Hoyt

23 Hoyt.

23 Hoyt

Once again, a great meal at 23 Hoyt. Chef Amber Webster is the driving force behind the stove, and her food, in every category, is masterful. Pasta is always perfect, love the flatbreads, fish was great and so was the pork.

Desserts are top notch- ice creams are perfection and the donuts- too good for words.


The room is comfortable, the drinks are strong and tasty, Amber is a lovely young thing.

Wings night out

I love “Fire on the Mountain”. We go to the one on East Burnside.  Tonight we were brave and got the hot and the extra hot with both sauces. And fries and onion rings and fried pickles.  Then, wanted to “treat the heat” we drove over to Alberta to Salt and Straw. Lines around the block- no way we were going to do that.

In a couple of weeks Lincoln is going to have a dinner with Salt and Straw. We need to check that out.

very nice review

In a nutshell: Portland’s restaurant scene is one of the best in the nation, with much of our food evolution rooted in the connections that chefs have with local farmers, ranchers and fisheries. The essence of those ties is celebrated in this gorgeous new cookbook from the husband-and-wife team of Bruce and Laurie Wolf. Laurie’s writing tells the stories of distinctive kitchens like Bar Mingo, Cafe Nell, Cocotte and Pine State Biscuits, along with institutions like Higgins, Fat City Cafe and Paley’s Place. Bruce’s photos capture the vibe of each dining room as well as the personalities of chefs such as Ben Dyer (Ate-Oh-Ate), Aaron Woo (Natural Selection) and Lisa Schroeder (Mother’s Bistro). The combination showcases the charms of our dining scene, while the recipes show why we’re so well-fed.

Take a taste: Park Kitchen‘s Flank Steak Salad With Blue Cheese; Evoe‘s Deviled Eggs; Dove Vivi‘s Kale Salad; Cafe Nell’s Vegan Tomato Soup; Country Cat‘s Pecan Spoon Bread; Sunshine Tavern‘s Monte Cristo; St. Jack‘s Mussels With Shallots; Lovejoy Bakers‘ Chocolate Sandwich Cookie.

What’s hot: The chapter on brunch gets to the heart of this Portland obsession; the recipes are well-written and designed for home cooks — often a challenge, since many chefs don’t use recipes or aren’t used to making dishes in smaller portions.

What’s not: With so many great restaurants to choose from, the book could have been twice the size. Here’s hoping a second volume is on the way.

“The Portland, Oregon Chef’s Table”

“The Portland, Oregon Chef’s Table”.