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Clyde Common

      selection of supremely fresh vegetables with a truffle drizzle


From the book…assorted freshest of veg served with a truffle dressing. Yogurt is in this fragrant and unusual melding of flavors. I hate most vegetables but this dish rocked.




an easy thing to do

when you want to make pasta and intend to add lots of vegetables and maybe some shrimp, try cooking it all in one pot. I love how the flavors blend and what could be easier. You have to think about the different cooking times, but so what. Only one pot to wash and then, when drained, toss with some olive oil and maybe a little grated aged Asiago cheese.

It is a meal you can make with out shopping. Everyone has some pasta and some frozen veg, if not fresh. Change the veg, the cheese, the herbs…it’s all good.

keep a bag of cooked pasta in the fridge

When I was the food editor at Child Magazine, and it was for over 19 years, this suggestion always got rave reviews.


Whatever your kids favorite pasta is, cook a bunch on Sunday and keep it in a sealed bag, tossed with a bit of oil, for quick snacks or meals.

toss with tomatoes and peas and olive oil for an easy meal

toss with olive oil and grated Parmesan

bake with assorted shredded cheese and broccoli

make a pasta salad with shredded chicken and vegetables in a vinaigrette

stir fry with snow peas, zucchini and a little soy sauce

Fava Beans, some things to think about

Steam with olive oil, salt and lemon

Tossing tender fava beans in a mustardy vinaigrette with chopped scallions and garlic and lemon rind

puree them and treat like pureed garbanzos in hummus- crackers, crostini, bruschetta

grilled in their pods

In a lovely risotto



4 things to do with Ramps (Wild Leeks)

Potato and Ramp Soup


Ramps with scrambled eggs and bacon


Ramp Bruschetta


Lemon shrimp with sauteed ramps

Here comes the asparagus, la la lala

Asparagus season has started and it’s time to have some fun. Here in Portland asparagus is found in expected and unexpected places, though thankfully no desserts. Yet.

But before proceeding the question of “what the hell is up with my pee when I eat asparagus?” is answered.

The smell comes from the way certain chemical compounds break down inside people’s bodies.  Namely  s-methyl thioesters: s-methyl thioacrylate and s-methyl thiopropionate.  Thioesters, like methanethiol, are primarily sulfur based except being formed from sulfur bonding with an acyl group.This is why cooking asparagus in various ways does not result in the same smelly byproduct as obviously the specific digestive enzymes that break down the compounds in the asparagus to produce the smell aren’t present. It seems that it happens to everyone but not everyone can smell it.

Anyway, roast asparagus at 450 with some olive oil and coarse salt until a bit charred looking.

Eat it like that or blend it with sauteed onions, chicken stock, some fresh dill and salt and pepper. Sprinkle with Parmesan.

Or, do a quick stir fry with sesame oil and sesame seeds and at the last minute add some scallions.

Or, roll some Dover Sole around some skinny stalks and bake till the fish is done, with some salt and pepper and chopped garlic on top.

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making migas, my way serves 3-4

Migas is like a Mexican, or Spanish, matzo brei.  It is a wonderful breakfast, or simple dinner.

a bit of oil in non-stick skillet

4 corn or flour tortillas, cut in wedges

1/4 cup of chopped scallions

4 eggs, lightly beaten

small amount of shredded Cheddar

salt and pepper


Heat the oil and add the tortilla wedges. Allow to turn golden brown, turning occasionally. Add the scallions and saute for a minute or two. add the eggs and the Cheddar and stir, cooking the eggs and letting the cheese melt. Sprinkle with salt and pepper, plate and top with salsa.