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perfect now

These are some of the things I like to do with strawberries


Ice cream

In salads

On waffles and pancakes



Quick jam




Super smoothie




not more tea, more tea flavor

for two

love iced tea

I am an ice tea junkie- this one is mint tea with slices of lemon and orange and will have fresh spearmint.  I drink it in the evening so I usually have a pitcher of no caffeine tea so I am not up at night making more tea. I am sleeping instead.


Recently I made a pitcher with white tea and added raspberries and ginger. That was really good. Very refreshing and a good flavor combo.

Croutons rock

This bowl has croutons in it. They were made with bread from Grand Central and I sort of stir fried them in olive oil and garlic. I cook till golden brown and add to


Pastas, soups and salads

crunchy treats

i love to make them

Blueberry Pavlova

yummy dessert

a good thing to eat

This is an awesome dessert made with mostly egg whites and sugar. It has a great texture, crunchy and chewy, and tastes a little like toasted marshmallows.


I made a depression, sad, in the center of the meringue before baking. After it cooled I filled it with whipped Greek yogurt sweetened with honey and filled with blueberries.





There are some fine burgers in town. Sunshine Tavern, Roost, Pause, Tasty, Victory and many many others.  Tonight I made burgers for dinner. A la Roost, I marinated the burger in Worcestershire sauce. It is not overwhelming, just makes for great flavor and caramelization. I cooked the burgers in a hot skillet, and stuffed them with some aged Gouda cheese and sautéed shallots. The buns were Franz with sesame seeds, very fresh, and just perfect. I like the taste and texture of a crusty roll, but don’t like the burger falling apart and becoming a mess.  Some other stuffings are: onions and mushrooms sautéed and mixed with cream cheese, goat cheese and scallion and Cheddar and bacon.  Olivia likes hers with lettuce and tomato. Nothing for me but the burger.

there’s something about flan

I have two favorite desserts. Trifle and flan. Somewhat similar, both custards of a sort. The trifle is versatile and much easier than people think, and actually one can be prepared in fifteen minutes. For real.  They are very nice to look at and you can buy a trifle bowl at Kohls for 15 bucks.  A few years ago there was a trifle bowl sale and I bought about 12 of them. It was a perfect holiday gift, trifle bowl included. They were under 10 bucks each!

Flan is not hard, but you do need to master the caramelized sugar. It was daunting for me at first, but now I do it in ten minutes, sugar only, and I control the darkness of the caramel by adjusting the flame and cooking time. I tried something this weekend and it worked out quite well. I caramelized the sugar and poured it into 8 small ramekins. I immediately added sliced bananas to the not yet hardened caramel. After about 20 minutes I poured the custard over the bananas and baked them in a water bath.  When I unmolded them it was a lovely upside down banana flan. The flavors were great together.  I might try it next with grilled pineapple. Very good dessert.

an easy thing to do

when you want to make pasta and intend to add lots of vegetables and maybe some shrimp, try cooking it all in one pot. I love how the flavors blend and what could be easier. You have to think about the different cooking times, but so what. Only one pot to wash and then, when drained, toss with some olive oil and maybe a little grated aged Asiago cheese.

It is a meal you can make with out shopping. Everyone has some pasta and some frozen veg, if not fresh. Change the veg, the cheese, the herbs…it’s all good.