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Good to be blogging again.

I am not sure what people want from my blog. Will people use the recipes, try the restaurants or should I just have a caramel and blabber away.


Last week I let thick non fat Greek yogurt sit overnight in the fridge in a fine sieve. Whipped it the next day with honey and mashed berries.  A great dessert.


Or a combo. I roasted a chicken for dinner tonight. Stuffed cavity with fresh herbs and lemon and drizzled with olive oil and coarse salt. Potatoes, onion and leeks in the pan and slow roasted for 3 hours at 300.  Made a pan gravy, used heavy cream which was wrong, and it was good. A roasted chicken is a wonderful thing.


Very into pavlova, will update.


i love horses

why on earth do we have to add horse to our meat offerings. I say nay.
I will keep beef as my mane source of protein and trot off to the meat stall in the market to buy it. It behooves me to understand this. Someone needs to pony up and explain. I am currently saddled with sadness. And remember- she was only the coachman’s daughter, but all the horse manure. Perhaps we should do a gallup poll to see how other people feel. Hay, am I beating a dead horse, or what?

winter sangria

would it be fair to make a hot wine drink with fruit and brandy and call it a winter sangria. some cloves and cinnamon stick and slices of pear and apples and pomegranate seeds. a mulled wine in essence. Continue reading

Sunshine Tavern

this casual and yummy dining spot now serves brunch all day on Saturday and Sunday. there’s shuffleboard and games and pizza and burgers and soft serve ice cream.  frozen margaritas and totally yummy friend chicken and great fries.  great for the whole family, although everything is more fun without little kids. Life being an example of that. Yes, I still think the whole kid thing is over rated.