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Pavlova for a friend

I made my first pavlova, a meringue dessert that is baked, with a depression in the center, and filled with, usually whipped cream and fruit, but I whipped Greek yogurt with stevia and vanilla. I piled the cream in the center, when the meringue was cool, and topped with blueberries. Crunchy on the outside, marshmallowy in the center.  Very tasty. I also made c chocolate pudding that is in this month’s online issue of Diane magazine. I have been writing recipes for them, and running through February are 4 chocolate recipes, low-cal and good. The pudding is rich and creamy.




Alder- what a bummer

I just have to say that it sucks that this awesome place closed. The baker, Matthew Zack,  is a master of fine pastries and the best gelato ever.  The place was simple and the food was extraordinary. Every flavor was so pure, so real, I became a gelato snob. Now I must lower my standards. Won’t be the first time but I don’t like it one bit. I am hoping that Matthew will stay in town and find another way to create his magic.

Kim Boyce

we met Kim Boyce at Ristretto and photographed her and her wonderful bran muffins. lovely woman, great baker, delightful. Bran muffins=amazing


her cookbook is called       Good To The Grain.



rocking at the coast

what a treat to be at the coast. working but this is a special treat. Big thank you to my friend Sydney. Huge.

Had a good dinner at Nana’s Pub. Nye Beach.  Started with scotch eggs and they were excellent. Nice presentation too. Cut in half, packaged in pork. Bruce had shephards pie and I had chicken pot pie. Now I want to go to Alder for gelato, but I can’t. Working and listening to Warren Zevon.

He died, very sad.

Stella D’oro

I don’t know if people know about Stella D’oro, a big company that made packaged cookies and biscuits and they had a restaurant in the Bronx, near where I grew up.  The restaurant was huge and tacky and right about under the elevated train.  But, the food was soooooo good. My brother always got lobster Fra Diavalo, and I got pork chops Parmesan, That is a dish you never see. The pizza ws good too and they had spumoni’s and tortoni’s.

new menu @ Roost

Roost was packed tonight, maybe everyone wanting to try new items.  Peppered hangar steak with creamy cauliflower with horseradish. Great smoked gouda dumplings, awesome burger soaked in Worstershire with all kinds of great stuff. Salads, as always, yummy. Desserts, were lovely, chocolate mousse with caramel, brown sugar marscapone and strawberry semi-freddo.  wonderful poppy seed cookies.

new menu at Roost

cannot describe yet cuz I am running out but it is inspired and delicious and Megan is a brilliant chef. later, full report