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Serious Eats

have a new post on Serious Eats about Lovejoy Baker’s  (10th and Lovejoy) great turkey sandwich.  A Sandwich a Day: Banana Nutella from Olympic Provisions in Portland, OR.


Also, Cheese bar (6031 Southeast Belmont Street)  food is terrific, love the honeymoon bars. And the griddled mac and cheese takes that well loved comfort food to an even higher bliss level.


Serious Eats

right now, on Serious Eats, I have a review on the delish sandwich from Olympic Provisions that is not their usual wonderful salami or sausage or brilliant bacon composed meal. It is the Nutella, banana and jam sandwich on bread from Lovejoy bakery. Chewy, gooey, fruity and sweet, this tasty treat just can’t be beat. So sad, a little poem by me. Sorry

Great Sandwich

this is my post for serious eats