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three of us made this book for kids. it was harder than it looks.

Laurie Wolf likes a link.

Readers will devour this delicious counting book—from lollipops to licorice strings, from 1 to 20!

Alder- what a bummer

I just have to say that it sucks that this awesome place closed. The baker, Matthew Zack,  is a master of fine pastries and the best gelato ever.  The place was simple and the food was extraordinary. Every flavor was so pure, so real, I became a gelato snob. Now I must lower my standards. Won’t be the first time but I don’t like it one bit. I am hoping that Matthew will stay in town and find another way to create his magic.

2 things

regarding the Sellwood Bridge. WTF. I liked going over the bridge at first cuz it was kind of like doing something risky but having the safety of your own car and loving family. But honestly, I don’t want to lose my car or may family and I now travel to inconvenient places to get to Sellwood, which is very nice and I could swim to from my house. But it seems that one of these days it’s gonna go, and when it does I want to be watching, but from afar.

Heading to Nostrana, to meet with the lovely Cathy Whims and shoot something beautiful and magical.